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Current PhD students

Mériadek Darcel (Psychology/Behavioural Economics)

1st year PhD student in Psychology

Former PhD students


Dr Kai Jia Tay - City, University of London (Psychology/Behavioural Economics)

Thesis title: "Subjective well-being of immigrants in the United Kingdom and across Europe: An investigation of host country characteristics, multiculturalism and acculturation"

graduated 2021

currently: Private sector

Dr Lucía Macchia - City, University of London (Psychology/Behavioural Economics); ORCID profile

Thesis title: "Subjective well-being and economic and political conditions in Latin America"

graduated 2020

currently: Lecturer in Psychology, City, University of London; Previously: Post-doctoral fellow, Harvard University

Dr Jennifer Gerson - City, University of London (Psychology)ORCID profile

Thesis title: "Social media use and subjective well-being: An investigation of individual differences in personality, social comparison and Facebook behaviour"

graduated 2018
currently: Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, City, University of London; Previously: 
Post-doctoral fellow, University of Warwick

Dr Julia Gumy - University of Cambridge (Sociology)

Thesis title: “The impact of unemployment, childbirth and partnership dissolution on perceived problematic debt in the UK, Germany and Luxembourg”

graduated 2013

currently: Senior Lecturer in Policy Studies with Quantitative Research Methods, University of Bristol

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