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Behavioral Economics - The basics 


by Philip Corr and Anke Plagnol



The aim of the book is to outline the fundamental features of behavioural economics and to contrast them with those of more conventional economics in order for new readers to this important area of the social sciences to appreciate the history, conceptual bases, major findings, applications and implications. Readers of this book will gain the necessary insight into the nature of behavioural economics to enable them to understand more easily standard university textbooks and research papers in the field.


Title: Behavioral Economics: The Basics

Authors: Philip Corr, Anke Plagnol

Publisher: Routledge, 2018

ISBN: 9781138228917 (paperback), 9781138228900 (hardcover)

Google books: link

Available at: Routledge , Amazon UK , Amazon US

Chapters (summaries)

Chapter 1

What is behavioral economics and why is it important?


Chapter 2

The ascent and dissent of economics

Chapter 3

ECON: homo economicus

Chapter 4

HUMAN: more Homer (Simpson) than homo economicus


Chapter 5

Manners, monkeys and moods

Chapter 6

Nudge: whys, ways and weasels

Chapter 7

Sell! Behavioral science of the commercial (and political) world of persuasion


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