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Gendered Lives - Gender inequalities in production and reproduction


Jacqueline Scott, Shirley Dex and Anke C. Plagnol (eds.)

Gendered Lives: Gender Inequalities in Production and Reproduction. Edward Elgar (May 2012). (link)(Google preview)(flier)


Introduction: Gender inequalities in production and reproduction (download)

Jacqueline Scott, Shirley Dex, Heather Joshi and Anke C. Plagnol


Part I Gendered Lives unfolding across time


1 The childhood origins of adult socioeconomic disadvantage: Do cohort and gender matter?
John Hobcraft and Wendy Sigle-Rushton


2 Changing career trajectories of women and men across time
Erzsebet Bukodi, Shirley Dex and Heather Joshi

3 Half-way to gender equality in paid and unpaid work? Evidence from the multinational time use study
Jonathan Gershuny and Man Yee Kan


Part II Gender inequalities in the household and workplace


4 Financial togetherness and autonomy within couples
Fran Bennett, Jerome De Henau, Susan Himmelweit and Sirin Sung


5 Global flows and local labour markets: precarious employment and migrant workers in the UK
Linda McDowell, Adina Batnitzky and Sarah Dyer


Part III Gender inequalities in a changing world


6 Equality law and the limits of the ‘business case’ for addressing gender inequalities
Colm McLaughlin and Simon Deakin


7 Work-family conflict and well-being in Northern Europe (download)
Jacqueline Scott and Anke C. Plagnol


8 Gender equality and work-family balance in a cross-national perspective
Jane Lewis


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