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Agnieszka Piasna and Anke C. Plagnol. "Arbeitsplatzqualität und weibliche Erwerbsbeteiligung in Europa" (Job quality and women's labour market participation in Europe). WSI-Mitteilungen. 69(4), pp. 273-282 (2016). (journal)


Numerous studies indicate that women’s employment decisions after childbirth are limited by personal circumstances, such as the need to con-tribute to the household income, and by institutional factors, such as the lack of affordable child care. Based on data from the European Working Conditions Survey, this article investigates how job quality affects female labour market attachment across life stages in 27 European countries. The analysis explores three dimensions of job quality: job security, quality of working time and intrinsic job quality. We find that mothers of young children are more likely to hold high quality jobs than women without dependent children, especially with respect to working time quality and job security. The results reveal that the association between job quality and having young children is largely similar across the EU27.


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